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Main Content: John Ruggie interim report to Human Rights Council, Feb 2006

1. Text of the interim report, 22 Feb 2006  Español Français

2. Statement by John Ruggie to UN Human Rights Council, introducing his interim report & outlining his work plan (25 Sep 2006) [PDF]

3. Discussion of Ruggie's interim report by UN Human Rights Council - comments by 12 govts. & 3 NGOs, and Ruggie's remarks (25-26 Sep 2006) [DOC]

4. Video clips of statements at UN Human Rights Council:

  • 25 Sep 2006 video clips include (in the following order, near bottom of page):
    • John Ruggie's introduction of his interim report
    • comments & questions about Ruggie's report by governments: Switzerland, Chile, Finland (on behalf of European Union), Argentina
  • 26 Sep 2006 video clips include (in the following order, near top of page):
    • comments & questions about Ruggie's report by governments: Belgium, Liechtenstein, Norway, Bangladesh, France, Senegal, United Kingdom, Peru
    • comments on Ruggie's report by NGOs: Centre Europe – Tiers Monde, International League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples, Indian Movement "Tupaj Amaru"
    • response by John Ruggie


5. Commentaries on the interim report:

Human Rights Features

- [PDF] [scroll to page 8] "Transnational Corporations: ‘Principled pragmatism’ or mere antagonism? How Professor Ruggie’s censure of the Norms on TNCs has affected the stakeholder initiative", Gareth Sweeney, Human Rights Features 18-24 Sep 2006

Joint NGO comments

[DOC] joint NGO comments, 18 May 2006 (Español) (Français)

     - [PDF] response by John Ruggie to joint NGO comments, 22 May 2006

Amnesty International

- [PDF] Amnesty International, 27 Mar 2006

     - [PDF] response by John Ruggie to Amnesty International, 1 May 2006

Mary Robinson

- Mary Robinson, President of Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, 31 Mar 2006

           - [PDF] response by John Ruggie to Mary Robinson, 31 Mar 2006

Earthrights International

- Earthrights International, 22 Mar 2006

          - [PDF] Response by John Ruggie to Earthrights International, 23 Mar 2006


- [PDF] FIDH (Intl. Federation of Human Rights Leagues), 15 Mar 2006

          - [PDF] Response by John Ruggie to FIDH, 20 Mar 2006

Aron Cramer, BSR

- [PDF] Aron Cramer, Business for Social Responsibility, Mar 2006

Oxford Analytica

- Oxford Analytica, 14 Mar 2006

Karsten Nowrot, Martin Luther University

- Dr. Karsten Nowrot, Faculty of Law, Martin Luther University (Germany), 20 Mar 2006

Luke Eric Peterson, Embassy

- Luke Eric Peterson, Embassy - Canada's Foreign Policy Newsweekly, 15 Mar 2006

Mallen Baker

- Mallen Baker, Business Respect, 12 Mar 2006

Peter Davis, Ethical Corporation

- "Business, human rights and the UN: John Ruggie – the story so far", Peter Davis, Ethical Corporation, 10 Mar 2006

Bart Mongoven, Stratfor

- Bart Mongoven, Stratfor, 9 Mar 2006

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