Дискриминация на основании расы / этнического происхождения / касты / происхождения

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30 March 2020

Somalia: Businesses fuelling insecurity by funding terrorism & promoting ethnic discrimination, claims columnist

Author: Osman Aidarus, MENAFN (Jordan)

"Chaos Profiteers: How Somalia's Business People are it's Main Nemesis?"...

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27 March 2020

Commentary: Companies can be a powerful participant in preventing & mitigating stigma associated with COVID-19

Author: Global Business Initiative

“COVID-19 and combatting stigma: the role of responsible business”, 25 March 2020...

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26 March 2020

ERGO Network calls on employers to actively support Roma youth employment & truly inclusive workplaces

Author: ERGO Network

“Place for All: Inclusive work spaces are good for employers, employees & society”, 24 March 2020...

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20 March 2020

UK: ASOS & Boohoo warehouse workers struggle for union recognition; Includes company comments

Author: Ruby Lott-Lavigna, VICE

"ASOS, Boohoo and the Fast Fashion Workers Fighting to Unionise", 3 March 2020...

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16 March 2020

Commentary: Respecting human rights while protecting public health

Author: Jenny Vaughn & Kelly Scott, BSR

Coronavirus is raising a range of human rights dilemmas for business, including:...

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13 March 2020
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Author: News-24 avec Reuters

« Un sénateur américain appelle à une action contre le travail forcé dans le Xinjiang chinois » mars 2020...

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12 March 2020

Saudi Aramco accused of racism over images of migrant worker serving as a "human hand sanitiser"

Author: Aljazeera

"Saudi Aramco slammed over migrant worker dressed as sanitiser", 11 Mar 2020 Oil giant Saudi Aramco has come under fire after photos showing one of its migrant workers wearing a surgical mask and a large hand-sanitiser dispenser went viral on social m...

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9 March 2020

EU Commission unveils Gender Equality Strategy

Ahead of International Women's Day on 8 March, the EU Commission released its Gender Equality Strategy, outlining actions for the next five years, including, among others, ending gender-based violence, also online, and ensuring equal participation and...

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6 March 2020

Lacoste gloves allegedly made in Chinese internment camp, labour rights group finds; company says auditors did not report any concerns in factory

Author: New York Times

“Rights Group: Lacoste Gloves Made in Chinese Internment Camp”, 3 March 2020...

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3 March 2020
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Author: Fabian Kretschmer, Frankfurter Rundschau

Auch deutsche Unternehmen lassen sich auf der Liste mit 83 Weltmarken finden, etwa Volkswagen, Siemens und Adidas. Sie alle sollen von der wirtschaftlichen Ausbeutung der muslimischen Minderheit der Uiguren in China profitieren....

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