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5 June 2020

New Report analyses human rights implications of contact tracing software used during the COVID-19 pandemic

Author: Maria Pia Sacco, Prof. Martijn Scheltema, Dr. Theodora A Christou, Anurag Bana, International Bar Association

"Digital contact tracing for the Covid-19 epidemic: a business and human rights perspective," June 2020...

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3 June 2020

Covid-19: Polluting industries lobby to get bailouts and suspend environmental protections

Author: Damian Carrington, The Guardian

'Polluter bailouts and lobbying during Covid-19 pandemic', April 17, 2020...

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14 May 2020

Human Rights Watch says mobile location tracking programs used by govts. in the fight against Covid-19 pose serious risks to human rights

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7 May 2020

South Korea: Heir to Samsung apologises for corruption, bribery and union busting; committing to protect workers’ right to unionise

Author: Choe Sang-Hun, The New York Times

“Samsung Heir Apologises for Corruption and Union-Busting Scandals”, 06 May 2020...

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28 April 2020

Cyber-intelligence companies pitch governments on spy tools to trace Covid-19, raising privacy concerns

Author: Joel Schectman, Christopher Bing, & Jack Stubbs, Reuters (UK)

"Special report: Cyber-intel firms pitch governments on spy tools to trace coronavirus," 28 April 2020...

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22 April 2020
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Author: Sistema B

"Iniciativas para la resiliencia" En medio de la crisis asociada al COVID-19, en el Ecosistema B mundial emergen prácticas de interés.

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17 April 2020

Commentary: The coronavirus is eroding privacy as govt. increasingly use surveillance tools to monitor individuals

Author: Liza Lin & Timothy Martin, The Wall Street Journal

The Covid-19 pandemic is ushering in a new era of digital surveillance and rewiring the world’s sensibilities about data privacy. Governments are imposing new digital surveillance tools to track and monitor individuals...  [S]ome privacy advocates are...

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9 April 2020

South Korea: Union ensures workers receive full pay when construction sites shut down due to COVID-19

Author: Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI)

“South Korea: Unions to ensure workers’ wages as COVID-19 is put “under control””, 3 April 2020...

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4 April 2020

Commentary: Transparency reports are one of the best ways for companies to share their actions to respect human rights

Author: Isedua Oribhabor & Peter Micek, Access Now

"The what, why, and who of transparency reporting," 2 April 2020...

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31 March 2020

Europe: Apps developed to fight COVID-19 raise privacy concerns

Author: Reuters (UK)

In Europe, Tech Battle Against Virus Clashes with Privacy Culture, 26 March 2020...

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