USA: Libel lawsuit against lawyer suing Drummond illustrates tendency of firms to sue human rights lawyers

الكاتب: Barry Meier, New York Times (USA), منشور على : 6 March 2015

"Companies Turn Tables on Human Rights Lawyers", 5 Mar 2015

Over the past decade, companies doing business in Colombia, like Chiquita Brands and Dole Food, have incurred the wrath of Terrence Collingsworth, a lawyer who has accused them of mistreating workers or conspiring to kill labor activists. But these days, Mr. Collingsworth is on the defensive. One of his targets, Drummond, a coal producer…recently asked a federal judge to hold the lawyer in contempt as part of a libel suit it is pressing against him…The problems engulfing Mr. Collingsworth underscore the mounting difficulties facing a small group of plaintiffs’ lawyers who have carved out a niche suing multinational corporations on charges that they violated human rights overseas…Marco Simons, a lawyer with EarthRights International…said that companies were increasingly fighting back against the human rights lawyers suing them…[Also refers to Chevron, Itochu Corporation]

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