Academic article assesses future of extraterritorial human rights litigation in USA after Kiobel case

الكاتب: Ernest A. Young, Duke Law School, on Duke Law Journal, منشور على : 18 March 2015

"Universal Jurisdiction, the Alien Tort Statute, and Transnational Public-Law Litigation After Kiobel", Mar 2015

The Supreme Court sharply limited ATS suits in the 2013 case of Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. This Article defends the Court’s rejection of universal jurisdiction in Kiobel and assesses the future of human-rights litigation in American courts. I submit that the scope of human-rights litigation under the ATS is best viewed…within the more traditional federal-courts framework of implied rights of action and federal common law. Kiobel’s concerns about extraterritorial application of the ATS fit comfortably within this framework, and they suggest that the Court will be extremely cautious about expanding the scope of ATS litigation in future cases. I also situate the ATS within the context of broader debates about enforcement of international human rights. These debates raise two crucial questions…reliance on supranational or national institutions, and public or private control of enforcement. This debate, too, can be usefully informed by domestic debates about regulatory enforcement…

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