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Wir machen es uns zur Aufgabe, mit Menschenrechtsfürsprecher*innen aus Zivilgesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Regierungen zusammenzuarbeiten, um ungleiche Machtverhältnisse anzugehen, Wiedergutmachung für Menschenrechtsverletzungen zu erreichen und den Schutz von Mensch und Planet sicherzustellen.

Sowohl Unternehmen als auch betroffene Gemeinschaften schätzen unsere Unterstützung und Materialien.

Das ist nur durch Ihre Unterstützung möglich. Wir freuen uns über Ihre Spende.

Vielen Dank,
Phil Bloomer, Geschäftsführer

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  • [EN] Anglo American: Governance

    Lead responsibility for human rights is with government and social affairs (from a policy and impact management perspective), while accountability is with the Group CEO and business unit CEOs. Board oversight: Group CEO and business unit CEOs, as well...


  • [EN] Anheuser-Busch InBev: Governance

    Lead responsibility for Human Rights is shared by the Better World/CSR and People/Human Resources teams. A cross-functional Human Rights Working Group is in charge of setting/reviewing the grievance mechanism, developing training materials and KPIs, as...


  • [EN] Anheuser-Busch InBev: Grievance procedures and access to remedy

    One can report an alleged violation to a line manager, Legal or Compliance Department, or through our compliance helpline. Our main grievance mechanism is the compliance helpline/whistle blowing line that we encourage/train our employees to use to...


  • [EN] Bank of America: Governance

    In 2014, we established a new Global CSR Committee reporting to the CEO. The Committee provides a forum for dialogue around emerging CSR issues, including concerns raised by advocates, regulators and influencers. Having the Committee reporting to the...


  • [EN] CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation): Governance

    Where is the lead responsibility for human rights located, and why? CNOOC Limited and its subsidiaries have set up full-time and part-time organizations and positions in charge of handling various complaints and grievances. We have posted the related...


  • [EN] CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation): Stakeholder engagement

    In terms of employee trainings, CNOOC Limited has always upheld a “people -oriented” principle and is keen to provide opportunities and channels for employee advancement. Based on different professional groups and job characteristics, the Company has...


  • [EN] Citigroup: Management

    Citi’s Corporate Sustainability unit has overarching responsibility for Citi’s Statement on Human Rights and advises business units on Citi’s human rights approach as needed. A number of other units, including Human Resources, procurement, Risk,...


  • [EN] Citigroup: Reporting and communication

    Citi communicates internally and externally on its human rights commitments and performance in in the following publications and resources: 1. Citi reports annually on its human rights performance as well as on ethics and antibribery and corruption,...


  • [EN] Citigroup: Progress since June 2011, when the UN Guiding Principles were endorsed

    In early 2014, Citi updated its Statement on Human Rights to include a statement of support for the UN Guiding Principles. The process of updating the statement involved extensive internal engagement with colleagues in Human Resources, Procurement,...


  • [EN] Commerzbank: Governance

    Within its sphere of influence, Commerzbank contributes to the protection and promotion of human rights. Primarily, we can exert a differentiated influence in regard to the following relevant stakeholders: employees suppliers clients 2.1 Employees...


  • [EN] Danone: Governance

    The Director of Organisation Development and Social Dynamics has the lead responsibility for human rights issues and for social issues. The members of the Social Responsibility Committee oversee them (see pages 216 and 217 of the 2013 reference...


  • [EN] DHL: How are human rights governed in your company?

    At Deutsche Post DHL Group, the topic of human rights falls within the responsibilities of the Group Department for Personnel. The Code of Conduct has been an integral part of our corporate culture since 2006, connecting the Group across divisions and...


  • [EN] Deutsche Telekom: Policy commitment

    Yes, the commitment to respect human rights is implicitly and explicitly enshrined in DT’s foundational policies, such as the Code of Conduct, the Guiding Principles and the Social Charter. The Code of Conduct is the basic framework for all employees...


  • [EN] Deutsche Telekom: Governance

    The responsibilities for the Global Compact Principles are allocated to the different board members. The overall responsibility to comply with all Global Compact Principles is allocated to the CEO. Corruption, for instance, is allocated to the board...


  • [EN] Deutsche Telekom: Management

    General management program: For managing the corporate responsibility to respect human rights, DT adopted a strategic human rights due diligence action plan or program framing our human rights activities in alignment with the UN GPs (see [link]). This...


  • [EN] Deutsche Telekom: Stakeholder engagement

    Deutsche Telekom developed a stakeholder involvement strategy in 2011 to help the company structure its relationship to its stakeholders on the basis of a stable, reliable foundation. Our aim is to take the issues put forward by our stakeholders...


  • [EN] Deutsche Telekom: Grievance procedures and access to remedy

    Any internal or external stakeholder or affected group of persons may contact the corporate contact for human rights via email to report any human rights concern ([email protected]). Human rights violations can be addressed by anyone (internal,...


  • [EN] Deutsche Telekom: Progress since June 2011, when the UN Guiding Principles were endorsed

    Dedicated activities on human rights were very much influenced by the UN GPs. Although many efforts had been in place beforehand which had already contributed to the respect to human rights responsibility through health and safety measures or diversity...


  • [EN] Deutsche Telekom: Challenges, and additional guidance that would be helpful

    One of the major internal challenges to implementing the corporate responsibility to respect human rights is that DT is a highly dispersed and diversified corporation with multiple subsidiaries in over 50 countries worldwide. Hence, it is difficult to...


  • [EN] Eni: Policy commitment

    Yes,  Since 2007 Eni has adopted a Guideline which regulates the protection and promotion of Human Rights in all the company’s actions;  In the same year the Code of Ethics, which describes the company’s expectations with regard to various areas...