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Wir machen es uns zur Aufgabe, mit Menschenrechtsfürsprecher*innen aus Zivilgesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Regierungen zusammenzuarbeiten, um ungleiche Machtverhältnisse anzugehen, Wiedergutmachung für Menschenrechtsverletzungen zu erreichen und den Schutz von Mensch und Planet sicherzustellen.

Sowohl Unternehmen als auch betroffene Gemeinschaften schätzen unsere Unterstützung und Materialien.

Das ist nur durch Ihre Unterstützung möglich. Wir freuen uns über Ihre Spende.

Vielen Dank,
Phil Bloomer, Geschäftsführer

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  • [EN] AT&T: Management

    We post our human rights policy online, and we publicize it in a variety of ways, such as by blogging, speaking at public events or sharing with policymakers. We make it available to our employees, particularly those most likely to interact with human...


  • [EN] AT&T: Reporting and communication

    Each year we issue an annual sustainability update to summarize our work from the past year, capture progress toward our goals, review key performance indicators and discuss our present and anticipated challenges and opportunities on topics such as...


  • [EN] How are human rights governed in your company?

    A number of departments have lead responsibility for human rights topics in their respective areas (e.g. Human Resources, Procurement,  ESG Office). For involved departments and processes, see next question. Regarding the governance of human rights...


  • [EN] What is the company’s approach to the engagement of stakeholders (including workers, and local communities impacted by the company’s activities), on human rights issues?

    Besides our many commitments to and memberships of international and national sustainability bodies which are listed in the appendix of our Sustainability report, we target our stakeholder engagement activities at four main stakeholder groups ...


  • [EN] Altria

    Stock exchange symbol: (MO:US).  Altria has not yet responded to the survey.  We welcome a response at any time.  No publicly-available human rights policy was found for Altria. Human rights information on Altria's website is available here: [link]


  • [EN] Anadarko: Reporting and communication

    We communicate information regarding human rights primarily through our website, The Corporate Responsibility section of this website is expected to be newly launched in January with expanded scope and content.


  • [EN] Anglo American: Reporting and communication

    Communication channels include: Sustainable Development Report (following GRI G4 guidelines) UN Global Compact Communication on Progress Annual Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights report Various reporting requests from DJSI, FTSE4Good...


  • [EN] Anheuser-Busch InBev: Stakeholder engagement

    We engage with our employees through formal and informal dialogue to make sure they are aware of the standards, expectations and commitments in relation to our responsibility to respect human rights in our own operations. We communicate our grievance...


  • [EN] Anheuser-Busch InBev: Actions on health

    Workplace Safety and Health is one of our priority issues and not only have we made it a part of our Global Human Rights Policy, but we have also developed a standalone Health and Safety Policy to work vigorously to achieve high standards of...


  • [EN] Anheuser-Busch InBev: Reporting and communication

    Through our annual Global Citizenship Report, we regularly provide an update on key areas impacting human rights, including application and training related to our applicable human rights policy and its provisions, our safety record, our employees who...


  • [EN] Anheuser-Busch InBev: Grievance procedures and access to remedy

    One can report an alleged violation to a line manager, Legal or Compliance Department, or through our compliance helpline. Our main grievance mechanism is the compliance helpline/whistle blowing line that we encourage/train our employees to use to...


  • [EN] Apache

    Stock Exchange symbol: (APA: US) Apache declined to respond to the survey.   A link to the "Apache Corporation Human Rights Principles" is here: [link] The Sustainability section of Apache's website is here: [link]


  • [EN] Aramex: Reporting and communication

    Aramex issues a yearly integrated report that covers all our financial and non-financial practices; in this report we clearly define any human right valuations if any; also this reports helps in spreading the awareness on Human Rights across our...


  • [EN] Archer Daniels Midland: Reporting and communication

    These areas are addressed externally through our Corporate Social Responsibility report and internally via our ADM Code of Conduct, as well as via content on ADM Inside, our corporate intranet.


  • [EN] Associated British Foods: Reporting and communication

    ABF’s public commitment to human rights is reported in our Annual Report and Accounts as well as our Corporate Responsibility report. See link here: [link] By the end of 2015 we will have also developed a publically available stand-alone Human Rights...


  • [EN] BASF: Reporting and communication

    Internal and external communications about our integrated company report ([link]) and via our corporate website at [link], in English as well as in German. Update 2016: Internal and external communications about our integrated company report ([link])...


  • [EN] BG Group: Reporting and communication

    BG Group communicates internally and externally about its human rights commitments through a variety of channels, including the BG Group website and internal web-portal. Our business principles include an explicit commitment to human rights, and our...


  • [EN] BHP Billiton: Reporting and communication

    BHP Billiton’s commitment to human rights is communicated in its Code of Business Conduct which is publicly available. The BHP Billiton Annual Report and Sustainability Report also reference our approach to human rights. In FY2014, BHP Billiton's...


  • [EN] BP: Reporting and communication

    BP's sustainability reporting suite includes a concise, downloadable Sustainability Review, full reporting on the BP website, country reports and site reports. See [link] [link] [link] Our online reporting also includes tools and case studies, which...


  • [EN] BT: Reporting and communication

    The Way We Work, our statement of business practices including our commitment to human right is published on our website on under ‘the company’.  It is also discussed in our annual report and our ‘better future’ report.  Training on...