Chinese Investment Overseas: Guidance by government, business, civil society

Government measures

Administrative Measures for Approval and Record-filing of Overseas Investment Projects Revised
The National Development and Reform Commission, 08 May 2014 [only available in Chinese]

Guidance on Environmental Protection in Foreign Investment and Cooperation
The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MOFCOM), 18 February 2013

Interim Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Overseas Investment by Central Enterprises
The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council, 01 May 2012

Industry initiatives

Chinese Due Diligence Guidelines for Responsible Mineral Supply Chains
China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters, 2016

Guidelines for Social Responsibility in Outbound Mining Investments
China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters, 2014

Social Responsibility Guide for Chinese Electronic and Information Industry
The Social Responsibility Committee of the Chinese Electronics Standardization Association (CESA), August 2012  [Unofficial title translation by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, only available in Chinese]

Notice of the CBRC on Issuing the Green Credit Guidelines
The China Banking Regulatory Commission, 24 February 2012

Implementation Measures of China International Contractors of Levels and Sectors Guiding Principles
China International Contractors Association, 01 December 2012 [Unofficial title translation by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, only available in Chinese]

Extractives in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Managing sustainable development - guidance for business
CSR Asia, 2014

Chinese Guidelines for Sustainable Overseas Investment in Agriculture
Oxfam, China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation (etc.), May 2018 (Available in Chinese only)

Guidance for Sustainable Natural Rubber
China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters, 2017

NGO & academic guidance and commentary

Note: See also sector-specific material on Extractives / Construction (including dam-building) / Agriculture / Apparel / ICT

Centro de derechos econonómicos y sociales (Ecuador):
Manual Legal Sobre Regulaciones Ambientales Y Sociales Chinas Para Los Préstamos e Inversiones en el Exterior – Un Guía para las Comunidades Locales [also avaiable in English] Chinese translation forthcoming

Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce Research Center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, United Nations Development Programme China: 

2015 Report on the Sustainable Development of Chinese Enterprises Overseas, November 2015

Global Witness:

Tackling conflict minerals – How a new Chinese initiative can address Chinese companies’ risk

World Resources Institute:

The Environmental and Social Policies of Chinese Overseas Investments: Progress and Challenges, Denise Leung, Yingzhen Zhao, Athena Ballesteros and Tao Hu, May 2013

Managing Environmental Impact International Experience and Lessons in Risk Management for Overseas Investments, Tao Hu, Yingzhen Zhao, Lihuan Zhou and Denise Leung, July 2013 (only available in Chinese)

International Institute for Sustainable Development: 

Chinese Outward Investment: An Emerging Policy Framework, Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwalder, Lise Johnson, and Jianping Zhang, 2013

Inclusive Development International:

Safeguarding communities and the environment in Chinese investments  Author: Inclusive Development International, March 2017


Approval And Regulatory Requirements For Chinese Foreign Direct Investment, May 2014


Understanding China’s Overseas Foreign Direct Investment


Managing risk in unstable countries: Promoting conflict-sensitive Chinese investment in South Sudan, 2015


Confronting Complexity: Lessons Learned from Engagement with Chinese Enterprises



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Stories and Komponenten mit diesem Schwerpunkt

30 July 2019
+ English - Verbergen

Autor/in: Wilton Park

Following a meeting in March, Wilton Park, in association with the UK Department for International Development and the Institute of Development Studies, published the report "China’s Belt and Road Initiative: supporting sustainable development through...


18 July 2019
+ 简体中文 - Verbergen

Autor/in: 亚洲协会政策研究院 (美国)

“为一带一路倡议导航 – 确保一带一路有利及可持续效益的建议“...


17 July 2019
+ English - Verbergen

Autor/in: Asia Society Policy Institute (USA)

“Navigating the Belt and Road Initiative Recommendations to ensure beneficial and sustainable BRI outcomes”...


1 July 2019
+ 简体中文 - Verbergen

Autor/in: 中国农业国际合作促进会, 中国农业农村部农村经济研究中心, 北京惠农兴业农业研究中心

[此中文翻译由企业责任资源中心提供] 自改革开放以来,中国农业与世界农业的联系日趋紧密,已与50多个国家和地区建立了农业合作关系,全国有近300家企业在46个国家和地区开展农业资源合作开发,分布在东南亚、俄罗斯、拉美及非洲…在“一带一路”倡议的框架下,中国将进一步推进与相关国家的农业合作,有利于推动形成全球农业国际合作新格局,有利于沿线各国发挥比较优势,促进区域内农业要素有序流动、农业资源高效配置、农产品市场深度融合,推动沿线各国实现经济互利共赢发展。


30 June 2019
+ English - Verbergen

Autor/in: Asociación China para la Promoción de la Cooperación Internacional Agrícola; Centro de Investigación de Economía Rural; Ministerio de Agricultura y Asuntos Rurales de la República Popular de China

[Excerpt translation from Spanish provided by Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]...


27 May 2019
+ English - Verbergen

Autor/in: Inclusive Development International

“New Release: Second Edition of Safeguarding People and the Environment in Chinese Investments”, 21 May 2019...


9 March 2019
+ English - Verbergen

Autor/in: Michelle Chang, South China Morning Post

"China's institutions and banks need help from the world's civil society to ensure the Belt and Road Initiative remains green", 10 March 2019 Activists of 12 countries conducted rallies in London, Hong Kong and protest financing by Ba...


29 October 2018
+ English - Verbergen

[English version of the manual to be available soon]

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17 April 2018
+ English - Verbergen

Autor/in: Kelly Sims Gallagher and Qi Qi

"Policies governing China's overseas development finance: Implications for climate change", Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, The Fletcher School, Tufts University, MARCH 2018 | NUMBER 016...


30 October 2017
+ English - Verbergen

Autor/in: Global Witness

"Chinese industry takes bold step to tackle land grabs with launch of new rubber guidelines", 23 Oct 2017...