Honduras: NGO condemns criminalization against human rights defenders in conflict with palm oil company

Autor/in: IM-Defensoras, Veröffentlicht am: 8 May 2017

“Alert Honduras / Criminalization and arrest warrants for members of Regional Agrarian Platform of the Aguán Valley”, 3 May 17

…In a recent public statement, the Regional Agrarian Platform of the Aguán Valley denounced the fact that last April 24th, the Judicial Branch of government, working through the Public Prosecutor’s Office, issued a warrant for the capture of nine of its members…The warrant was prompted by a claim filed for “usurpation” by the Agropalma business, which took over the lands of campesina famílies of the Trinidad cooperative of the Authentic Campesino Reclamation Movement of Aguan (MARCA), on May 21, 2014, by means of military and police force. According to the Agrarian Platform, the campesina famílies are the legitimate owners of the lands that were legally granted to them in the agrarian reform process…We, of IM-Defensoras demand that the government of Honduras revoke the arrest warrants and immediately put an end to the criminalization process…

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