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Australia: Govt. announces key features of Modern Slavery Reporting Requirement for companies; unions and opposition say could go further

Autor/in: Christopher Knaus, Guardian, Veröffentlicht am: 16 May 2018

"New law will force 3,000 big companies to show they are stamping out slavery", 11 May 2018

The federal government will force 3,000 big companies to explain how they are stamping out modern slavery, a move welcomed by anti-slavery campaigners.

But unions and Labor say the changes will be “inadequate and ineffective” without the creation of an independent anti-slavery commissioner or penalties for corporations that breach their new requirements...it announced...how it would create a new reporting regime designed to drive transparency among big businesses with a turnover of more than [AUD]$100m. The 3,000 companies will be forced to publish an annual modern slavery statement detailing their efforts to reduce modern slavery in their supply chains. The federal government will be forced to issue its own consolidated statement on modern slavery in its procurement.

The statements will be kept in a publicly-accessible central repository, and the regime will be overseen by a new unit in the home affairs department...

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