Consumer Goods Forum calls on businesses to help eradicate forced labour in their supply chains

Autor/in: Katy Askew, Food Navigator, Veröffentlicht am: 12 June 2018

"CGF issues call to action on forced labour," 12 June 2018

The Consumer Goods Forum has called on businesses around the world to "play their part" in the fight against forced labour. 

The CGF, which represents the world's largest food and beverage brands as well as global retailers, said that the initiative demonstrated the commitment of its members to work towards the eradication of forced labour in the global supply chain.

The CGF has established three key principles on forced labour that it wants business to abide by. These are: every worker should have freedom of movement; no worker should pay for a job; and no worker should be indebted or coerved to work. 

While the Forum acknowledged that is is the responsibility of government to protect human rights, it argued that businesses have the responsibility to "respect them in their value chains.

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