ASEAN CSOs urge AICHR to develop code of conduct for constructive dialogues on regional action plans on business & human rights

Autor/in: Various CSOs, Veröffentlicht am: 12 June 2018

"Oral Statement from CSOs During the AICHR Interregional Dialogue: Sharing Good Practices on Business and Human Rights, 04-06 June 2018

...[W]e wish to propose the following ways forward for the consideration of AICHR, and offer our input and participation in the next steps: 

1. Affirm its commitment to a Regional Action Plan to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and existing obligations under the core human rights treaties, and provide clarity on the process moving forward...A Regional Action Plan on BHR is needed to address gaps in human rights proection and access to remedy, particularly in states that have not moved forward on the NAPs. A few of us have been consulted on the draft regional strategy, and we have expressed our insistence that such draft should meet and not fall short of international human rights standards...

2. Provide further information on the continuity of dialogues such as this, and clear ways forward, including how the outcomes of this forum will be carried forward in AICHR's work with governments and other stakeholders. 

3. ...[W]e would like to work with AICHR in developing a code of conduct that can be used as a guideline for presenters and participants to adhere to within meeting spaces and outside of them and ensure inclusivity, diversity in views, constructive dialogues and debate in an environment of mutual respect...

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