Automation could destroy millions of jobs: politicians, unions & business must work together to ensure everyone benefits from it

Autor/in: Yvette Cooper MP, Guardian (UK), Veröffentlicht am: 7 August 2018

The robots are coming, artificial intelligence is expanding, yet no one is doing enough to make sure workers benefit rather than losing out. According to a new survey, a quarter of the workforce think their job won’t be needed in future. Many of us expect the technological revolution to be as disruptive as the industrial revolution. This could bring amazing opportunities and emancipation, but also new forms of exploitation, deeper inequalities, injustices and anger. Trades unions and communities can’t just stand by and hope for the best. If we want technological change to benefit everyone rather than widening inequality then we need to start preparing now...That is why I am working with Community, the trade union, and the Fabian Society to launch a new commission on workers and technology. The commission will take a “worker’s eye view”, starting in those workplaces across the country that are facing the fastest technological and industrial change. It will be looking for the practical and immediate things that government, employers and unions should be doing to make sure people are empowered by advances in technology and not just exploited, abandoned or let down.

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