WACAM & FIAN responses regarding Akyem project

In September 2009, Newmont Ghana sent the following statements in support of its proposed Akyem gold mine project to the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.  These statements are in response to actions by NGOs Wassa Communities Affected by Mining (WACAM), FoodFirst Information & Action Network (FIAN) and others in opposition to the project on grounds including environmental impacts and loss of land without adequate compensation.

- Communique/ open letter from concerned community members of Newmont Akyem project area on the campaign by WACAM, FIAN and other anti-mining NGOs against their socio-economic and development interests [PDF], sent to UN Commissioner on Human Rights, 10 Aug 2009 

- Crop Compensation determination process at Akyem is fair and transparent [PDF], Newmont Ghana Gold, 4 Sep 2009

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited WACAM and FIAN to respond to these items.

WACAM sent the following in response:

- WACAM response regarding Akyem project [DOC] 17 Sep 2009

- Reaction of farmers and indigenous citizens in the Akyem concession area of Newmont to statement by some Akyem Kotoku, traditional rulers on the concerns of UN regarding Newmont Akyem project, 24 Aug 2009
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- Technical review of selected components of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Akyem project [PDF], Stuart M. Levit, Center for Science in Public Participation, 28 Jul 2009

FIAN sent the following in response:

- FIAN International response regarding Akyem project [PDF], Sep 2009

- Letter to Ghanaian President regarding Akyem project [PDF], 24 Mar 2009

Newmont sent the following in rejoinder to the WACAM & FIAN statements:

- Newmont's response [PDF], 13 Oct 2009

- News articles on Akyem project [PDF], 2 Oct 2009

- Ghana News Agency article on Akyem [PDF], 26 Sep 2009

- Media release by Akyem community [PDF], 10 Feb 2009

- Akyem media coverage [PDF], 5-7 Jul 2008