Death of Anita Roddick, 10 September 2007: Articles & tributes


Tribute by John Morrison [DOC],  Programme Director of the Business Leaders Initiative on Human Rights (former Head of Global Campaigns and Community Affairs for The Body Shop International), 11 Sep 2007:

Extract: "She was perhaps the first CEO ever to put the words business and human rights into the same sentence...It is perhaps fitting that as we come to think how to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights next year, we should also celebrate Anita.  She was frustrated that so much in mainstream business was so slow to change, even for that matter her own company.  She did not suffer fools gladly nor accept our excuses about priorities and the need to develop the business case for human rights methodically.  Her impatience will also be greatly missed."

"Bloody Wonderful: Goodbye, Anita Roddick", Brooke Shelby Biggs, on, 10 Sep 2007

"Anita Roddick: The National Labor Committee Loses a Dear Friend", Charlie Kernaghan, National Labor Committee

Articles & obituaries

"Obituary: Dame Anita Roddick", in Guardian, 12 Sep 2007: Includes tributes by John Elkington, Deborah Bee

"Trailblazer for the disadvataged", Adam Jones, Financial Times, 12 Sep 2007

"Anita, and the future of business", Tom Boyle, OpenDemocracy, 12 Sep 2007

Articles by Anita Roddick

"If shirts could speak and 'we the people' would listen", in Open Democracy, 8 April 2004