Sir Geoffrey Chandler speaker series: 2nd annual event (2 Dec 2008)

On 2 Dec 2008, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre hosted the second annual event in the Sir Geoffrey Chandler speaker seriesInvitation to the event available here.

The keynote talk was "Human rights and business: South Africa and beyond", by Jody Kollapen, Chair, South African Human Rights Commission.


The event also included brief updates from Business & Human Rights Resource Centre regional researchers, and was chaired by Chris Marsden.  Below are some photos of the event and a full audio recording [times of individual speeches indicated in brackets]:


- Chris Marsden
 welcome remarks [00:36]
- Chris Avery introduction [02:44]

- Roddy Shaw Kwok-wah (based in Hong Kong, covering East Asia) [05:30]

- Surabhi Chopra(based in India, covering South Asia) [11:04]

- Mauricio Lazala(based in London, covering Latin America) [18:13]

- Ella Skybenko (based in Ukraine, covering Eastern Europe/Central Asia) [22:50]

- Abiola Okpechi(based in South Africa, covering Anglophone Africa) [27:40]



- Jody Kollapen keynote talk [36:48]

Full audio of event (1:35:40)

For individual speeches' times, please see above

Download Full audio of event (1:35:40) (23.51 Mb)