Global Horizons

Global Horizons and its attorneys informed the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre that they were contesting the accuracy of the article below in California state court.  According to CorpWatch, the article was subsequently "updated and corrected as a result of a court settlement on April 12, 2007." 

Guest Workers Seek Global Horizons: U.S. Company Profits from Migrant Labor
Kari Lydersen, CorpWatch, 7 Nov 2006
Abstract: "The H-2A program was born with the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, which created a class of guest worker H2 visas. The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) created the H-2A category specifically for agricultural workers...Legal status does not guarantee fair treatment, and some guest workers endure worse conditions with less recourse than their undocumented counterparts... Global Horizons[, a large]...labor contracting compan[y, recently]...became the first H-2A company to sign a nation-wide agreement with a labor union, the UFW." [also refers to Munger Brothers, International Paper, Plum Creek Timber, Weyerhaeuser]

Global Horizons' response to the article is available here.