G4S-UNI agreement

Progress Report on the G4S-UNI Ethical Partnership Agreement: UN PRI Clearinghouse Webinar, 5 October, 2009

In December, 2008, G4S and UNI Global Union signed an Ethical Employment Partnership with a goal of allowing G4S to achieve its business and financial objectives while helping to ensure that employee and union rights are respected across the company’s global operations.

G4S is the world’s second largest private employer, with more than 585,000 staff in 115 countries.

This PRI Clearinghouse webinar will offer a unique progress report on the Partnership, including perspectives from management, labour and institutional investors. The progress report will provide examples of how the G4S and UNI Partnership is working in key markets such as India and Southern Africa.

Speakers will include:

  • Jenni Myles, Director of Employee Engagement & HR at G4S.
  • Christy Hoffman, former Organizing Director atUNI Property Services; currently Director of Global Organizing Partnerships at SEIU.
  • Councillor Ian Greenwood, Chair of the LAPFF.

For dial-in details, speaker bios, and registration, please see the Clearinghouse post here: http://intranet.unpri.org/?p=1929
For more information, contact: Lauren Miller, [email protected]