Blacksmith Institute - World's Most Polluted Places 2006

Blacksmith Institute list of top 10 "World's Most Polluted Places" 2006 - and responses by Doe Run, Norilsk Nickel

In October 2006 the Blacksmith Institute (USA) published its list of the top 10 "World's Most Polluted Places".  The list includes two places where, in each, one facility was allegedly responsible for the majority of the pollution: La Oroya, Peru (lead smelter now owned by Doe Run) & Norilsk, Russia (smelter now owned by Norilsk Nickel).

full report: "The World's Most Polluted Places - The Top Ten" [PDF], Blacksmith Institute, Oct 2006

Media coverage about the Top 10 list (includes articles from BBC, AP, El Mundo, Le Monde/AFP, others)

Case study: Norilsk, Russia (Norilsk Nickel smelter)

 - Response by Norilsk Nickel [DOC]

Case study: La Oroya, Peru (Doe Run lead smelter)

- Response by Doe Run [DOC]

- further Doe Run materials about La Oroya/Peru



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25 October 2006
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24 October 2006
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Autor/in: Norilsk Nickel

We have read, with great interest, the report published by the Blacksmith Institute concerning the most polluted cities in the world, which mentions the city of Norilsk, and we cannot help but express our fundamental disagreement with a number of the...

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24 October 2006
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