Foxconn suicides - 2010

Between January and August 2010 there were sixteen suicide attempts by workers at Foxconn (part of Hon Hai), resulting in thirteen deaths and three who survived with serious injuries.  NGO advocates, media reports, and academics have alleged that the suicides are linked to poor working conditions and long working hours. 

Below are selected articles and commentaries on the suicides.  For further information on Foxconn and human rights, click here.

"China Foxconn factory confirms another worker death" - BBC News, 6 August 2010

"Worker Death Tally Rises at Foxconn China" - Mary Huang and Monica Suk, ABC News [USA], 21 July 2010

"Special Report: China's new migrant workers pushing the line" - James Pomfret, Kevin Soh, Reuters, 5 July 2010

"A Chinese Factory Outsources Worker Dorms" - David Barboza, New York Times, 25 June 2010

"Global scourge of corporate buck-passing on workers' rights"
- Justine Nolan, Sydney Morning Herald, 10 June 2010

"Foxconn factory ends condolence payments over suicides" - Chris Hogg, BBC News, 9 June 2010

"Foxconn announces wage rise of nearly 70%" - Jane Macartney, Times [UK], 7 June 2010 (also refers to Dell, HP, Nokia, Sony)

"Nintendo to investigate Foxconn deaths" - Leo Lewis, Times [UK], 28 May 2010 (also refers to investigations by Apple, Dell, HP, Sony)

"Taiwan's Foxconn to raise workers' pay" - Associated Press, 28 May 2010

"June 8th: Global day of remembrance for victims of Foxconn" [petition] - Student and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM), 27 May 2010

"Tenth suicide prompts Foxconn 'hysteria'" - Leo Lewis, Times [UK], 27 May 2010 (refers to Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Samsung, Sony)

"Taiwan iPhone-maker Foxconn suffers another death"
- BBC News, 27 May 2010

"Concern over human cost overshadows iPad launch" - Martin Hickman, Independent [UK], 27 May 2010 (refers to Acer, Apple, Dell, HP)

"Apple, HP, Dell begin probing supplier after suicides" - Tim Culpan, Connie Guglielmo, Bloomberg, 26 May 2010

"Taiwan iPhone-maker Foxconn opens doors after deaths" - Chris Hogg, BBC News, 26 May 2010 (refers to Apple investigation into Foxconn)

"Suicides at Foxconn reveal woes" - China Daily, 26 May 2010

"From Dafen Lisa to Foxconn: Two tales of migrant workers" - Jonna Chou, CSR Asia, 26 May 2010

"Foxconn admits it didn't protect suicide employees" [video] - ITN News [UK], 25 May 2010

"Protest at Chinese iPad maker Foxconn after 11th suicide this year" - Malcolm Moore, Telegraph [UK], 25 May 2010

"Hon Hai chairman rushes to Foxconn plant" - Kathrin Hille and Robin Kwong, Financial Times, 25 May 2010

"Foxconn suicide toll mounts" - Olivia Chung, Asia Times [Hong Kong], 22 May 2010

"Spate of suicides at Chinese supplier to HP and Dell" - Daniel Shane, Information Age, 14 May 2010

"Suicide in Foxconn and New Challenge for HR" - Peter Zhu, CSR Asia, 22 Apr 2010

"Foxconn urged to take better care of its employees" - ChinaTechNews, 19 Apr 2010

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21 July 2010
+ English - Verbergen

Autor/in: Mary Huang and Monica Suk, ABC News [USA]

An 18-year-old intern at Chimei Innolux, an affiliate of Foxconn [part of Hon Hai] fell to his death…[T]he local government and police confirmed the death, which is still under investigation…Labor activists have blamed Foxconn's military-style...


21 April 2010
+ English - Verbergen

Autor/in: Peter Zhu, CSR Asia

Since late January 2010, there has been a succession of suicides at Foxconn…In response, Wang Tongxin,- Vice President of the Shenzhen Federation of Labour Unions, said the repeated occurrences reveal management shortcomings at Foxconn, and asked the...