US extractive industries transparency law - NGO responses

On 15 July 2010, the US Senate passed a provision that, according to Karen Lissakers of Revenue Watch Institute, requires "all companies registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission to report the amounts they pay to governments for access to oil, gas and minerals," as part of a larger financial reform law.  (The US House of Representatives had previously adopted the measure.)

Full article: "Wall Street Reform Includes Big Steps on Oil and Mining Transparency" - Karen Lissakers, Director, Revenue Watch Institute, on Huffington Post, 15 Jul
See also "Extractive Industries Will Be Required to Disclose Payments to Governments", Robert Kropp,, 21 Jul

Human rights, anti-poverty and environmental NGOs welcomed the passage of the provision:

Center for Global Development: "U.S. Financial Reform Act Requires Disclosure of Resource Payments in Developing Countries", Lawrence MacDonald & Sarah Jane Staats, 15 Jul

EarthRights Intl.: "Landmark Extractive Industry Transparency Law Passed in United States Congress", 15 Jul

Global Witness: "New bill a breakthrough for campaign against conflict and corruption", 15 Jul

ONE (global campaign against extreme poverty): "Victory for Transparency!!", 15 Jul

Oxfam America: "Congress passes law to end secrecy in oil, gas, and mining industry", 15 Jul

Publish What You Pay: "U.S. legislation shines light on billions in oil and mineral payments", 15 Jul

Revenue Watch Institute: "Q&A: U.S. Financial Reform and Transparency in Oil, Gas and Mining", 15 Jul

Sierra Club: "A new international standard for transparency in the oil, mining, and gas industries has been set..." 15 Jul

Worldwatch Institute: "U.S. Finance Reform Seeks to Combat Global “Resource Curse”", Ben Block, 20 Jul