World Water Week 2010

5-11 September 2010 is World Water Week.  Below is a selection of announcements and reports released during World Water Week, outlining positive initiatives by companies regarding access to clean water and sanitation.

Nestlé focuses on water quality during World Water Week”, Nestlé, 6 Sep 2010
“Nestlé today joins leading ministers and environmental figures to discuss the challenges of sustaining water quality at the World Water Week event in Stockholm, Sweden... In illustrating its reduction of water consumption over the past decade, Nestlé has decreased its water usage by 33%...In the same time period, the Company has cut the quantity of water discharged from its factories into the 42%...”

PepsiCo's first water report sets the bar for stewardship”, GreenBiz, 7 Sep 2010
“PepsiCo became one of the first companies to publicly recognize the human right to water last year. Since then the company has since taken steps to embed the commitment into various facets of its business, such as new construction and training guidelines...PepsiCo offered a detailed glimpse of its efforts today with the launch of its inaugural water report, which also coincides with Stockholm International Water Institute's World Water Week...”

IBM steps up water-management projects around the globe”, GreenBiz, 7 Sep 2010
"IBM has kicked off four projects that will sharpen its focus on water issues. Using its World Community Grid, IBM plans to harness the computing power of more than a million idling PCs to help researchers crunch the numbers on big water projects around the world."

10 companies setting big goals for water efficiency”, Matthew Wheeland, GreenBiz, 7 Sep 2010
“[C]ompanies large and small are making big commitments to cut their water footprints -- and achieving big successes in meeting those goals...Over the last two years, we've reported on any number of large-scale and innovative efforts corporate leaders are making, and now that World Water Week is upon us once again, it's time to look back on some of those projects..." [refers to initiatives by Anheuser-Busch InBev, Abbott, Coca-Cola, Gap,General Electric, IBM, Kraft, PepsiCo, SABMiller, Sodexo]

ITT pledges to provide safe water and sanitation to one million people by 2013”, ITT Corporation, 7 Sep 2010
“ITT Corporation announced today at World Water Week that it has pledged $10.5 million over three years to provide one million more people around the world with access to safe water and sanitation... ITT Watermark currently partners with internationally recognized nonprofits -- Water For People, Mercy Corps and China Women's Development Foundation -- to bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene education to children, families and communities in the developing world and to provide access to safe water in times of emergency.”

The Coca-Cola Company and The Nature Conservancy release water footprint report”, Coca-Cola, 8 Sep 2010
"The Coca-Cola Company and The Nature Conservancy announced today the release of a water footprint report in conjunction with World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden. The report...examines three pilot studies that were conducted on Coca-Cola products and ingredients...Water footprints are helping to inform The Coca-Cola Company's approach to global water stewardship. The Company has a goal to safely return to communities and nature an amount of water equivalent to what is used in all of its beverages and their production."

Water – Everybody’s business”, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), 8 Sep 2010
"Using business models to manage public water supply, the 2010 Stockholm Industry Water Award winner Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) provides leading edge services to its customers today. The PPWSA started using business models in 1993 which increased water provision in the capital city area from less than 30% then to almost 100% in 2010."