Special event: Martyn Day & Paul Hoffman

On 3 December 2009 Business & Human Rights Resource Centre hosted an event featuring leading human rights lawyers: Martyn Day (UK) & Paul Hoffman (US). The title of the event was "Human rights lawsuits against companies – our experiences with victims, their families and businesspeople".  The event included documentary film clips about their cases.

Both lawyers have brought landmark human rights lawsuits against companies. They spoke on the same stage for the first time, and answered questions from the audience. They refered to lawsuits against Trafigura, Shell, Unocal, Talisman, and the apartheid lawsuit. This was the third event in the Sir Geoffrey Chandler Speaker Series.



An audience of over 400 attended the event held at Friends House in London.  Following are direct links to sections of the event videos:

    • Part 1: Welcome - Chris Marsden, Chair, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre,and Chris Avery, Director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre


    • Part 2: Clips from film "Total Denial"


    • Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5: Introduction of Paul Hoffman by Maria Saro-Wiwa, widow of Ken Saro-Wiwa, and presentation by Paul Hoffman


    • Part 6: Clips from film "Dumping Ground"


  • Part 7 & Part 8: Introduction of Martyn Day by Sarah Leigh OBE, co-founder Leigh Day & Co Solicitors, and presentation by Martyn Day

  •  Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 , Part 13 & Part 14: Questions & Answers session moderated by Kavita Prakash-Mani, trustee, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre


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