"Towards Social Assessment" - Fondation des Droits de l'Homme au Travail

In September 2008, Fondation des Droits de l'Homme au Travail (Human Rights at Work Foundation) published "Beyond Social Auditing" by François Beaujolin, Corinne Adam, Martine Combemale, Nathalie Lavigne, Peter Pennartz and Arnaud Rolland-Piègue.  In January 2011, in response to the issues identified in "Beyond Social Auditing", FDHT published "Towards Social Assessment", which proposes:

"a new form of social assessment that would contribute added value to companies that submitted to it, and their employees,...to define the competencies of assessors likely to carry out these social assessments effectively,...[and] auto-evaluation tests that would permit current Social Auditors to identify the abilities that would enable them to carry out audits that would be meaningful for them, the companies and the employees."

The full text of "Towards Social Assessment" is here [DOC].

FDHT welcomes reactions to "Towards Social Assessment" and contributions to the debate, which may be sent to [email protected].