US Dodd-Frank law - SEC vote on extractive industry revenue transparency, Aug 2012

On 22 August 2012, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to adopt regulations to implement key provisions of the 2010 financial reform law known as "Dodd-Frank". These include provisions requiring oil, gas & mining companies traded on US stock exchanges to disclose payments they make to foreign governments.

Statements by business org. 

American Petroleum Institute: “SEC’s transparency rule likely to harm competitiveness and cost jobs”,  21 Aug 2012

Statements by NGOs 

Brookings Institution: “SEC Passes Natural Resource Transparency and Conflict Minerals Rules: The Glass is Fuller than Expected”,  28 Aug 2012 

Enough Project: “A Step Forward: The SEC Releases Rules on Conflict Minerals and Transparency”, 27 Aug 2012

Global Witness: “U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission votes on landmark rules”,  22 Aug 2012

Oxfam America: “SEC brings oil and mining transparency provision of Dodd-Frank to life”, 23 Aug 2012

ONE: ‘Bono and ONE praise SEC ruling, call transparency “the best vaccine against corruption”, 22 Aug 2012

Publish What You Pay: “PWYP initial response to US SEC vote on Dodd-Frank transparency rules”, 23 Aug 2012

Revenue Watch Institute: “SEC Rules to Bring Transparency to Oil and Mining Industries”, 22 Aug 2012

Transparency Intl.: “Sunshine on the horizon for the oil, gas and mining cash”, 24 Aug 2012

US SIF: “US SIF Statement on Today's SEC Disclosure Rules on Conflict Minerals, Resource Extraction”, 22 Aug 2012


U.S. Oil and Mining Companies Must Disclose Payments to Foreign Governments”, Clifford Krauss, New York Times, 22 Aug 2012 (refers to CNPC, Gazprom, Newmont & Statoil)  

SEC adopts mining company payments transparency rule”, Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb, 23 Aug 2012 (refers to US Chamber of Commerce)

 “Oil, gas and mining companies operating in Ghana to disclose payment made to Government”, Ghana News Agency, 27 Aug 2012

 “Initial Reactions: Businesses Score on Conflict Minerals, Lose on Extractive Industry Disclosures”, C.M. Matthews, Wall Street Journal, 22 Aug 2012