UN Arms Trade Treaty

On 2 April 2013, the UN General Assembly adopted the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).  The ATT is a multilateral treaty that regulates the international trade in conventional weapons.  The treaty prohibits states from exporting conventional weapons in violation of arms embargoes, or weapons that could be used for acts of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes or terrorism.  UN member-states voted by 154 votes to 3.  North Korea, Syria and Iran opposed the treaty; 23 abstained including China and Russia.

Below is a selection of NGO and media coverage from before and after the adoption of the treaty:

"Tuvalu and Palau sign UN small arms treaty", Radio New Zealand International, 5 Jun 2013

[Français] "Une soixantaine de pays signent le traité international sur le commerce des armes", AFP, 3 juin 2013

"The Arms Trade Treaty: A Call for an Awakening", Andrew Clapham in European Society of Intl. Law Reflections, 6 May 2013

"Merchants and arms", Jonathan Power, Khaleej Times (UAE), 14 Apr 2013

[Français] "Les limites d'un traité sur les armes", Le Monde diplomatique, 5 avril 2013

"Pacific will benefit from new international arms treaty - Oxfam", Radio New Zealand International, 3 Apr 2013

"UN adopts treaty to regulate global arms trade", Associated Press, 2 Apr 2013

"Arms Trade Treaty could legitimise arms sales", Campaign Against Arms Trade, 2 Apr 2013 

"Are some of these gun show exhibitors supplying bad guys?", Amnesty International USA, Feb 2013

"National Rifle Association vows to fight arms trade treaty at U.N", Reuters, 28 Dec 2012 

"Mind the Gap: Private Sector in the Arms Trade Treaty", Blog Humanum, 27 Nov 2012

"Arms trade treaty negotiations begin, Syria casts shadow", Reuters, 2 Jul 2012 

"Pressure mounts for tough arms treaty at UN talks", Guardian (UK), 27 Jun 2012

"Global investors urge strong arms treaty", Investment & Pensions Europe, 16 Jul 2011

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Stories and Komponenten mit diesem Schwerpunkt

3 June 2013
+ Français - Verbergen

Autor/in: AFP

La Belgique a signé…le nouveau Traité sur le commerce des armes (TCA), tout comme les autres pays de l'Union européenne…[U]ne soixantaine de pays ont commencé…à signer ce premier traité sur le commerce international des armes conventionnelles, mais qui...


6 May 2013
+ English - Verbergen

Autor/in: Andrew Clapham in European Society of Intl. Law Reflections

What this author finds remarkable is that international lawyers and human rights advocates (inside and outside government) have shown such little interest in [the] new [Arms Trade] treaty...This reflection piece is aimed as a wake-up call...as this is...