EU Guidelines on Israeli settlements in Palestine

On 19 July 2013, the EU released new guidelines on the eligibility of Israeli entities working within Israeli settlements in Palestine for funding by the EU.  According to the guidelines, the various EU bodies can no longer fund or dispense awards, prizes and grants to commercial companies, public bodies and organizations working in the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967.

Below is a coverage of media and NGOs reports and comments concerning the guidelines.

European lawmakers tell EU to stand up to lobby pressure, implement ban on settlement funding
Electronic Intifada, 20 Sep 2013

US urged EU to postpone funding ban in Israeli-occupied territories
Reuters, 8 Sept 2013

Despite outcry, EU guidelines on settlements will have little effect
Who Profits, 27 Aug 2013

French FM questions details of EU settlement guidelines
Jerusalem Post, 25 Aug 2013

Netanyahu: EU settlement guidelines 'in way' of peace
EUbusiness, 12 Aug 2013

Israel refuses to sign any agreements with EU based on settlement guidelines
TV-Novost, 9 Aug 2013

Anger in Israel: EU Issues Disputed Settlement Guidelines
Spiegel, 19 Jul 2013

What's in the new EU guidelines regarding activities beyond the Green Line?
+972, 17 Jul 2013

EU to block funding of entities in Israeli settlements
Financial Times, 16 Jul 2013