Honduras: Investigation into World Bank's Intl. Finance Corporation investment in Corporación Dinant (Dec 2013)

On 20 December 2013, the World Bank's Office of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) released an audit into the investment of the bank’s private-sector lending arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), in the palm oil and food company Corporación Dinant in Honduras.  The study concluded that the IFC failed to adhere to its own policies meant to protect local communities; either failed to spot the serious social, political and human rights context in which Dinant is operating or where it did, failed to act effectively on the information; and failed to disclose vital project information, consult with local communities, or to identify the project as a high-risk investment.  Local and international NGOs claim that the expansion of palm oil plantations in the Aguán Valley is associated with human rights abuses, including the alleged killing, kidnapping and forced eviction of farmers.

Below are links to CAO reports, IFC response, Dinant statement, as well as NGO press releases and media coverage.

[PDF] CAO Audit of IFC Investment in Corporación Dinant S.A. de C.V., Honduras
Office of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO), 20 Dec 2013

[Español] [PDF] Auditoría de la inversión de la IFC en la Corporación Dinant S.A. de C.V., Honduras
Oficina del Asesor en Cumplimiento/Ombudsman (CAO), 20 de diciembre 2013

[PDF] International Finance Corporation response to CAO
International Finance Corporation (IFC), 3 Jan 2014 

Public Statement on CAO's Audit Report
Corporación Dinant, 10 Jan 2014

World Bank funding a company implicated in human rights abuses in Honduras
Joint statement by Movement of Unified Campesinos in Aguan, Movimiento Madre Tierra, Rights Action, SOMO, Urgewald, Bank Information Center, Oxfam, Global Witness, Center for International Environmental Law, 10 Jan 2014

World Bank Group: Inadequate Response to Killings, Land Grabs
Human Rights Watch, 10 Jan 2013

[PDF] CSO response to the CAO investigation into IFC investment in Corporación Dinant, Honduras
Joint statement by Movement of Unified Campesinos in Aguan, Movimiento Madre Tierra, CIFCA, FIAN, Plataforma Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Desarrollo, Oxfam, ActionAid, Rights Action, Asociación Interamericana para la Defensa del Ambiente, SOMO, Global Witness, Urgewald, Bretton Woods Project, Center for Intl. Environmental Law, Forest Peoples Programme, COFADEH, Accountability Counsel, GRAIN, Rel-UITA, Latindadd, BankTrack, Inclusive Development Intl., Corner House, Re:Common, HIC-AL, Carbon Market Watch, Rettet den Regenwald, Yayasan SETARA Jambi, Jubilee Germany, Eurodad, Centre national de coopération au développement, CNCD, Intl. Human Rights Clinic, Indigenous Peoples Links, GMB, Honduras-Forum Switzerland, Ecologistas en Acción, Robin Wood, Both ENDS, Biofuelwatch, Norwegian Coalition for Debt Cancellation, Social Justice Committee of Montreal, KOSID & Mani Tese
16 Jan 2014

World Bank's Lending Arm Linked To Deadly Honduras Conflict
Huffington Post, 10 Jan 2013

World Bank Is Criticized for Honduran Loan
New York Times, 10 Jan 2014

[Español] Auditoria revela que BM invirtió en empresa acusada de violar DDHH en Honduras
Terra, 10 de enero de 2014

[Español] Banco Mundial no investigó adecuadamente a compañía hondureña: supervisor
Terra, 10 de enero de 2014

[Español] Banco Mundial asegura que corregirá cuestionado proyecto en Honduras
Terra, 11 de enero de 2014

[Español] Declaración de Dinant ante la CAO, Dinant, 11 de enero de 2014

World Bank's ethics under scrutiny after Honduras loan investigation
Guardian (UK) 13 Jan 2013

US Govt. calls for stricter oversight of World Bank amid allegations of bank-funded projects linked to killing, violence & displacement
Washington Post, 24 Jan 2014

World Bank loan to Honduran bank comes under scrutiny
Guardian (UK), 1 May 2014
Dinant has never committed human rights violations against protesters
Corporación Dinant on Guardian (UK), 7 May

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24 January 2014
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The United States is demanding stricter oversight of World Bank projects amid concern that the bank has slipped in how closely it guards against violence, forced resettlement and other conflict associated with the works that it funds...The demand...