Uses of UN Guiding Principles: Natl. Human Rights Institutions

UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
- Uses by National Human Rights Institutions


National Human Rights Institutions, or "NHRIs", are "State bodies with a constitutional and/or legislative mandate to protect and promote human rights" according to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.  Many countries have a national human rights commission that serves as their NHRI; in some countries, a national ombudsman serves this function.





  • Applications of UN "Protect, Respect and Remedy" framework by NHRIs and others, identified by UN Special Representative Ruggie during his mandate (Jul 2005-Jun 2011): click here.


Mongolia: Case study 8 in "Why human rights matter: a resource guide for integrating human rights into Communities and Social Performance work at Rio Tinto", Rio Tinto in partnership with Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining at Sustainable Minerals Institute at The University of Queensland, Jan 2013


Indonesia: "Corporations' complicity in human rights abuses", Mimin Dwi Hartono, investigator National Commission on Human Rights in Jakarta Post, 3 Jan 2013


[español] México: 'Mensage de la Lic. Minerva Martínez Garza "La responsabilidad de las empresas en materia de derechos humanos"', Comisión Estatal Derechos Humanos Nuevo León, 20 diciembre 2012
Statement by Human Rights Commission of the State of Nuevo Leon to UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, 3 Dec 2012


Jordan National Centre for Human Rights & Intl. Coordinating Committee of Natl. Human Rights Institutions: "Priorities for Action and Collaboration with National Human Rights Institutions: Statement during Closing Session of UN Forum on Business & Human Rights", 5 Dec 2012
For more from UN Forum click here


Canadian Human Rights Commission & ICC Working Group on Business & Human Rights: Remarks at UN Forum on Business & Human Rights, 5 Dec 2012
For more from UN Forum click here


"OECD and National Human Rights Institutions join forces to promote respect of human rights multinational companies", OECD, 7 Nov 2012
- also provided: Memorandum of Understanding
[français] « Protocole d'accord entre l'Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Économiques (OCDE) et le Comité International de Coordination des Institutions Nationales des Droits de l'Homme (CIC) »


European Parliament: "The role of non-EU national human rights institutions in the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights", Oct 2012


Cambodian Center for Human Rights: "Fact Sheet: Business and Human Rights", 6 Aug 2012


Kenya National Commission on Human Rights: "Civil Society Organizations Convening on Business and Human Rights: The Extractive Industry in Kenya" 19-20 Jun 2012


European Group of National Human Rights Institutions: "Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: Discussion paper on national implementation plans for EU Member States" 21 Jun 2012
[français] « Plan d'action de Berlin sur les entreprises et les droits de l'homme », Groupe européen des institutions nationales des droits de l'homme, 7 septembre 2012
[español] "Plan de Acción de Berlin sobre Empresas y Derechos Humanos", Grupo Europeo de Instituciones Nacionales de Derechos Humanos, 21 junio 2012


Canadian, Ghanaian, Scottish & Danish human rights commissions: "Engaging in the Universal Periodic Review process and follow-up on business and human rights", 2012
[français] "Participer au processus de l'examen périodique universel et au suivi relatif aux entreprises et aux droits de l'homme"
[español] "Participación en el proceso y seguimento del Examen Periódico Universal (EPU) en relación con EDH [Empresas y Derechos Humanos]"


Philippinian & Canadian human rights commission: "Business Women's and Children's Rights", 2012
[français] "Les entreprises et les droits des femmes et des enfants"
[español] "Empresas y derechos de la mujer y del niño"
العربية] الأعمال التجارية وحقوق المرأة والطفل]




India: "Feedback Form - Request for Input by National Human Rights Institutions to the 8 Dec 2011 ICC Submission to the United Nations Working Group on Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises", National Human Rights Commission of India, 30 Nov 2011


Red de Instituciones Nacionales para la Promoción y Protección de los Derechos Humanos del Continente Americano: "Regional seminar of the Americas on business and human rights: Declaration and Action Plan" 9-10 Nov 2011
[français] « Séminaire régional du continent américain entreprises et droits de l'homme : Déclaration et plan d'action », Red de Instituciones Nationales para la Promoción y Protección de los Derechos Humanso del Continente Americano, 9 et 10 novembre 2011
[español] "Seminario regional del continente americano sobre empresas y derechos humanos", Red de Instituciones Nationales para la Promoción y Protección de los Derechos Humanos del Continente Americano, 9 y 10 noviembre 2011




Margaret Jungk, UN Working Group on business & human rights: Letter to Rosslyn Noonan (Chair, Intl. Coordinating Committee of NHRIs) & David Langtry (Chair, ICC Working Group on Human Rights & Business) [PDF], 11 Nov 2011


Network of African National Human Rights Institutions: "Recommendations on the Plan of Action on Business and Human Rights", 2 Oct 2011
[français] « Réseau des Institutions Nationales Africaines des Droits de l'Homme: Recommendations sur le Plan d'action de Yaoundé sur les Entreprises et Droits de l'Homme », Réseau des Institutions Nationales Africaines des Droits de l'Homme, 1 octobre 2011
[español] "Recomendaciones relativas al Plan de Acción sobre Empresas y Derechos Humanos", Red de Instituciones Nacionales Africanas de Derechos Humanos, 1 octubre 2011


"Secretary-General Stresses Role of Businesses in Support of Human Rights", UN Department of Public Information, 11 Oct 2011 - remarks by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to Asia-Pacific regional conference on business & human rights: "The 'Protect, Respect, Remedy' framework developed by my Special Representative for Business and Human Rights, Professor John Ruggie, sets out guiding principles and was endorsed unanimously by the Human Rights Council....National human rights institutions have an important contribution to make."

Asia Pacific Forum: "Regional conference on business and human rights" [Seoul, So. Korea] - conference of representatives from NHRIs in the Asia-Pacific, 11-13 October 2011.  Co-hosted by APF & National Human Rights Commission of Korea [So. Korea] - discussed training needs of NHRIs & other strategies to bolster their capacity to engage and advise the corporate sector on human rights issues, with reference to the Guiding Principles.

Danish Institute for Human Rights: "DIHR: First to raise Guiding Principles with UN Human Rights Committee", 11 Aug 2011


Intl. Coordinating Committee of Natl. Institutions for the Promotion & Protection of Human Rights ("ICC"): "Business and Human Rights", Aug 2011

Uganda Human Rights Commission: "Access to remedy for corporate human rights abuses"
Commission ougandaise des droits de l'homme: "L'accès auz voies de recours lors d'atteintes aux droits de l'homme commisses par des entreprises"

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