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22 April 2019

Zimbabwe: How litigation could spur economic development for mining affected communities

Author: Josephine Chiname and Bridget Mafusire, Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association

‘How can litigation contribute to Sustainable Economic Development for Diamond Mining Communities in Zimbabwe?"...

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26 March 2019

Sierra Leone: Communities affected by diamond mining win right to sue OCTÉA Group companies over alleged human rights abuses

Attorneys representing 83 households affected by Koidu Ltd's diamond mining activities filed proceedings to get the right to sue Octéa group companies over alleged human rights abuses, including displacement, property damage, soil and water...

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22 March 2019

United Nations session to consider whether to classify Zimbabwean diamonds as conflict gems

Author: Bulawayo News24 (Zimbabwe)

“Zimbabwe diamonds to be classified as conflict gems” 15 March 2019...

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18 March 2019
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Author: Open Global Rights

“Las tecnologías de cadena de bloques aportan una transparencia que podría mejorar las prácticas de derechos humanos”, 24 de enero de 2019...

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17 March 2019

Zimbabwe: Over 900 families relocated during the Marange diamond rush yet to receive compensation despite court order

Author: Evidence Chenjerai, Global Press Journal (USA)

"Desperate for Cash and Without Basic Amenities, Zimbabweans Relocated During Diamond Rush Have Had Enough" 11 March 2019...

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13 March 2019
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Author: Borralho Ndomba, Deutsche Welle (Angola)

"Angola: ONG reafirma impactos negativos da exploração diamantífera nas Lundas-Em Angola, um estudo da Associação Justiça, Paz e Democracia (AJPD) divulgado nesta segunda-feira (11.3) revela que impactos negativos da exploração de diamantes ainda são...

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12 February 2019
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Author: Mariama Mamady Camara, guineenews.org (Guinée)

"Mines et Pollutions : l’exploitation débridée du diamant met en danger l’existence de Banankoro", 9  février 2019...

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22 January 2019

Minerals should help in alleviating poverty in Zimbabwe, argues columnist

Authour, Mukarisi Sibanda, ZELA...

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9 January 2019

Tiffany & Company to share with customers provenance of its diamonds

Author: New York Times

'You Know Your Diamond's Cut and Carat. But Does It Have Ethical Origins?' 8 January 2019...

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9 January 2019

Tiffany and Co. Announces New Diamond Transparency

Author: Human Rights Watch

'Tiffany and Co. Announces New Diamond Transparency' 9 January 2019...

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