“Child Labour Act requires more teeth” [India]

Author: The Hindu [India], Published on: 17 October 2011

Nearly 20 years of campaigning against child labour in the fireworks industry has only driven the practice underground, a fact-finding study in Sivakasi conduced by a group of non-governmental organisations has said. Commissioned by Campaign Against Child Labour – Tamil Nadu, the study was jointly executed by members of Centre for Child Rights and Development (CCRD), NEED, Sivakasi, Human Rights Foundation, Indian Council for Child Welfare, Manitham of Sivaganga, and World Vision. The primary finding was that children were working at home, before and after school hours, during week ends and some children, even during school hours...The manufacturers contract the work to agents who then sub-contract it to families known to them...[R]esearchers found that filling aluminium powder into the crackers causes great health problems to the children, particularly adolescent girls who are involved in the work.

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