Chinese Responsible Investment Overseas Newsletter (available in English and Chinese)

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Over the past two decades, Chinese enterprise has taken great efforts in “going out” and has expanded its outbound investment, contracting projects and labour cooperation. In addition to the “Belt and Road” Initiatives (begun in 2013), China has committed to be more actively engaged in global/international economic governance and in response to global challenges. International society, therefore, holds high expectations for Chinese enterprises fulfilling social responsibility and sustainable development; as does the government of China and various industry-led initiatives.

We established a portal on Chinese investment overseas in 2013, to present major concerns of community groups affected by Chinese-funded enterprises, to seek responses from the companies involved, and to promote healthy communication between companies, government, and stakeholders. On this basis, we are now launching the newsletter on “Chinese overseas investment”. Each issue focuses on emerging thematic topics, new cases, good practices, tools and guidelines. 

Previous issues can be viewed here:

Issue 7 (Aug 2019): Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Disclosure

Issue 6 (Mar 2019): Responsible land use, management and investment

Issue 5 (Oct 2018): Conflict-affected & High-Risk Areas

Issue 4 (Apr 2018): Myanmar

Issue 3 (Jan 2018): Responsible mining

Issue 2 (Jun 2017): Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Issue 1 (Mar 2017): Free, prior & informed consent (FPIC)


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