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15 January 2016

Italy: Contribution to Natl. Action Plan recommends ways to overcome barriers to access to remedy in judicial system

Author: Marta Bordignon & Giacomo Maria Cremonesi, Human Rights Intl. Consultancy

"The UNGPs Third Pillar in the Italian Action Plan: an assessment of the existing NAPs and of the barriers to the Italian judicial system", Jan 2016...

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31 December 2015

Finland: UN Special Rapporteur raises concerns about new bill threatening Sami peoples' right to land & livelihoods

Author: UN News Centre

"New bill in Finland threatens Sami peoples’ right to traditional lands, livelihoods, UN expert warns",...

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3 December 2015

UN Forum Series Blog: Time for the UNGPs to Grow Up? Tracking Children’s Rights in National Action Plans on Business & Human Rights

Author: Patrick Geary, UNICEF

When the UNGPs were first conceived in 2008, the UN Human Rights Council called for “special attention to persons belong to vulnerable groups, in particular children.” Sadly, after a three-year gestation period, the Guiding Principles emerged with...

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13 November 2015

Updated assessments of National Action Plans

Author: International Corporate Accountability Roundtable (ICAR) & European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ)

The International Corporate Accountability Roundtable (ICAR) and the European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ) have conducted structured assessments of current National Action Plans (NAPs) on business and human rights. To date, seven countries —...

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30 October 2015

Finland: Respecting UN Guiding Principles in grocery supply chains

"A Shared Vision for Respecting the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in Grocery Trade Supply Chains", 20 Aug 2015...

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2 September 2015

UN Special Rapporteur calls on Nordic govts. to protect rights of Sami people in context of mining & energy projects

Author: UN News Centre

"Land, resource rights key to Sami people’s self-determination, says UN expert", 31 Aug 2015...

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17 August 2015

Finland's new govt. freezes funding of corporate responsibility watchdog Finnwatch

Author: Finnwatch

"Finland's new government freezes the funding of a corporate responsibility watchdog", 17 Aug 2015...

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13 July 2015

Paper evaluates current National Action Plans; suggests improvements for existing & future plans

Author: Claire Methven O'Brien & Cathrine Bloch Poulsen Hansen (Danish Institute for Human Rights), Amol Mehra & Sara Blackwell (Intl. Corporate Accountability Roundtable)

“National Action Plans: Evaluating current status and charting future prospects for an important new governance tool on business and human rights”, 16 May 2015...

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19 June 2015

Finland: Norilsk Nickel managers to face charges for alleged environmental abuses

Author: Eldar Ahmadiyev, Izvestia

Топ-менеджерам «Норильского никеля» в Финляндии грозит тюрьма и денежный штраф из-за экологических нарушений, которые были допущены на заводе компании в Харьявалте. Полиция уже передала в прокуратуру дело о нарушении природоохранного законодательства...

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16 June 2015
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