2015: will media shine a light on its own corporate responsibility?

Author: Christine Bader, in Guardian Sustainable Business, Published on: 29 December 2014

In 2015, one industry that has mostly avoided the corporate responsibility spotlight will have to shine that light on itself: the media...

...the media has its own responsibilities with regard to sustainability, corporate responsibility, human rights and ethics. And like financial services, the media has a role to play in how all other industries carry out their responsibilities in those areas, by choosing whether or not they hold them accountable.

A number of 2014 stories suggest that along with its perennial challenges of gender discrimination and ethics, the media is now following the well-worn path to disaster that other industries have tread: a push to cut costs and maximize revenues, which works out well for no one except maybe a few short-term investors.

[refers to New York Times, New Republic, Atlantic, Edelman, Rolling Stone, Sony]

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