[26/10/2019] Daniyar Shayannan

Gender: Male

Location of the incident: Kazakhstan

Counting Unit: Individual

Affiliation on the individual / type of group: Environmental concerns group

Specific attack on the HRD(s) / Rights of the HRD(s) affected by the incident:

  • Unfair trial

Date of the incident: Sat 26 Oct 2019

Date accuracy: All correct

Summary of the incident: On 26 October, Daniyar Shayannan an activist from Shymkent city was detained by police for participating in a protest against Chinese investments in Kazakhstan. He was sentenced to 5 days in prison. Local residents are protesting against a plan to relocate a number of Chinese plants and factories to Kazakhstan over environmental concerns. They call these factories “outdated and polluting” and worry they will have a negative impact on environment and people's health.

Target sector: Manufacturing: General

Other actors allegedly involved:

Alleged actor: Local & state authorities

Issues the HRD is/was working on:

  • Environment: General

Sources of information: