30 NGOs sign petition calling on European Parliament to support environmentally sound & safe ship recycling

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15 April 2013

Press Release – NGOs call on EU Parliament to vote for ship recycling fund and off-the-beach stance

Author: NGO Shipbreaking Platform

More than 30 European NGOs have signed a petition calling on the European Parliament to support the creation of a Europe-wide ship recycling fund, an economic incentive to finance the environmentally sound recycling of end-of-life ships and to internalise the costs of proper hazardous waste management, which are too often borne by developing countries...The European Parliament is set to vote on the ship recycling fund this Thursday, 18 April and will also vote on the ban of beaching, a practice whereby end-of-life ships carrying hazardous materials in their structure such as asbestos and PCBs are dumped on developing countries’ beaches in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan...

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17 February 2013

[video] Graveyard for giants [Bangladesh]

Author: Tim Noonan for Sunday Night, Channel 7 [Australia]

…For as far as the eye can see, along a stretch of coastline in Bangladesh, hundreds of mammoth supertankers lie beached on the sand…The country’s lax labor laws and poor environmental standards mean the Bangladeshi coast is the final dumping ground for these lumbering giants…Reporter Tim Noonan joins some of the thousands of workers who are paid as little as 47 cents a day to break up these rusting wrecks with their bare hands. These workers toil away for 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Among their ranks he finds children who risk their lives doing backbreaking and dangerous work. The death and injury record in the shipbreaking yards is horrendous: workers dismantle the ships using little or no safety gear, despite the ships being riddled with asbestos and other toxic substances.

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