A Penny a Pound and So Much More [USA]

Author: Pooja Bhatia, OZY, Published on: 15 January 2014

Wal-Mart joined the Coalition’s Fair Food Program the day this story was published, making it the 12th, and largest, retailer to do so. Given Wal-Mart’s purchasing power and influence over other supermarkets, Reyes-Chavez says, it’s a huge development and might lead to an expansion of the Fair Food Program to states beyond Florida and crops besides tomatoes...“Since the very beginning of the Coalition, our demands have been essentially the same: fair wages and dignified treatment,” says Gerardo Reyes-Chavez, a longtime staff member..."[W]e realized we needed to go to the buyers of the produce we were picking, the McDonald’s and Taco Bells, because they’re the ones who have the greatest influence over the farmers, and the ones who benefit most from low wages and poor treatment of workers”...Could the Coalition’s strategy apply to other sectors, like garments assembled abroad or electronics made in China? ”It’s not impossible,” Reyes-Chavez says, “but a lot of pressure from different angles needs to be in place, and everyone has to work together...” Most important, he says, is that the movement be worker driven. [Also refers to Burger King, Florida Tomato Growers Exchange, McDonald’s, Subway, Whole Foods]

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