Access Now gives recommendations on privacy and data protection during the COVID-19 crisis

Author: Estelle Massé, Access Now , Published on: 30 March 2020

"Recommendations on privacy and data protection in the fights against COVID-19", March 2020
...[COVID-19] responses must promote public health, prevent discrimination, ensure access to reliable and timely information, defend unrestricted access to an open, affordable, and secure internet, ensure the enjoyment of freedom of expression and of opinion, and protect privacy and personal data... Governments, companies, NGOs, and individuals alike have a responsibility to do their part to mitigate the consequences of COVID-19 and to show solidarity and respect for each other... This paper will focus on three categories of measures that authorities have advanced around the world: (1) collection and use of health data, (2) tracking and geo-location, and (3) public-private partnerships... and give specific guidance for each category to help assist governments in addressing this major public health crisis while ensuring that people's rights are respected... [Recommendations include:] Collaborations between governments, authorities, and companies or other organisations must be transparent... Private-sector actors should follow an industry standard human rights due diligence framework to... respect human rights... Governments should consider the additional risks of outsourcing state activities in their COVID-19 response to the private sector before they enter into public-private partnerships.

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