Activists support tobacco control Bill [Uganda]

Author: Mercy Nulago, Daily Monitor (Uganda), Published on: 8 May 2014

Anti-tobacco activists...have backed the Tobacco Control Bill, 2014, saying it will regulate and control the consumption of tobacco and protect generations from its devastating effects...[T]he activists told legislators that tobacco is harmful and a risk factor to many diseases, especially non communicable diseases. The committee is conducting public hearings and meeting various stakeholders to give their views on the Bill. The head of the Centre for Tobacco Control, Dr Possy Mugenyi...urged MPs to unanimously support it to, among others, save the youth from smoking. “Nearly all smokers start as children or young adults and these age groups are heavily targeted by the tobacco industry,”...However, the industry players insist that such restrictions would still amount to a ban on smoking and secondary smoke effects can be tamed with the right measures in place...Mr Jonathan D’souza, the managing director of British American Tobacco Uganda...last week [said] that: “Most outdoor places are open air spaces, and there is no risk of secondary smoke as alleged.”

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