Africa: AU, UN convene policy dialogue for mining and petroleum producing states to enhance contract negotiation capacities

Author: SpyGhana, Published on: 2 May 2015

‘African experts, officials to deliberate on challenges in mining, petroleum contract negotiations’, 2 May 2015: ... ECA [UN Economic Commission for Africa] and...African Union (AU) experts on Africa’s Mining Vision (AMV) and…contract law will meet with delegations from mining and petroleum producing African states…[P]articipants…are expected to establish…a network of…experts for negotiations of mining and petroleum contracts…[and] a better understanding on how to align the existing…legal and regulatory instruments in Africa with the AMV…[which] calls for a structural transformation of the mineral sector through enhanced linkages with the local economy, increased value addition, promotion of local content and empowerment, and a judicious and prudent use of mineral revenue to build up other forms of capital that can outlast the currency of mining. The session will also provide a platform for advocacy for gender equity in the extractive industries for better performance and provision of livelihoods…

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