African resentment against China grows [Zambia]

Author: Reuters, Published on: 9 August 2006

When Chinese investors bought struggling copper producer Chambishi Mining Plc, miners in this Zambian town gave them a heroes’ welcome for averting its closure...Three years on, resentment is rising openly against the new owners, NFC Africa [part of China Non-ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering & Construction Co. (NFC)], as workers complain about pay and conditions...Last month miners destroyed property at the mine in a violent protest during which Chinese managers opened fire, wounding five workers, according to miners and police...Tensions over labor practices are relatively new but spreading...Some of the more common complaints against Chinese firms include poor pay, lack of safety clothing or boots for workers in textiles, copper and coal mining industries...In 2004 the Zambian government asked Chinese managers at Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles Ltd, in northern Kabwe, to stop locking in workers at the factory at night...And in June authorities shut down Collum Coal Mining Industries Ltd, in southern Zambia, saying miners had been forced to work underground without safety clothing and boots.

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