AIRoNoS 2019 Symposium AI and Robotics Normative Spheres: Towards a Sustainable Society and Technology

Symposium | 16 - 18 April | Cornwall, UK

About the Symposium

Today, more than ever, imagination and invention in science and technology have to be met with normative imagination and vision, towards a sustainable future. The AIRoNoS 2019 Symposium, part of the AISB 2019 Convention: Artificial Intelligence, Imagination and Invention, aims to explore the ethical and regulatory challenges and opportunities that developments in artificial intelligence and robotics announce. The Symposium proposes to both explore the fine-grained implications of present-day technological developments and to encourage a debate about a systematic approach to creating an appropriate normative
environment for the technology and society of the future.

Intelligent machines and algorithms share now, more and more, both the physical and the cyber space that humans occupy, with automated vehicles, care robots, surgical robots, diagnosing programmes, hotel receptionists, advertising tools, to mention just a few, becoming a common encounter. While the support that such AI and robotics technologies can bring to human activities is expanding at an ever-increasing rate, the normative – ethical and regulatory - environment needed for welcoming such technologies is evolving at a much slower pace and, with few exceptions, mostly in a reactive rather than a proactive manner. The AIRoNoS 2019
Symposium proposes a focus on a much-needed debate for a systematic approach to the normative dimensions – ethical and regulatory – and R&D parameters, required for supporting socially-mindful AI and robotics technologies. It sets out to create a platform of debate, as a regular feature of the AISB Convention, inviting AI and robotics scientists as well as social scientists to engage critically within a multi-disciplinary environment.

For more information and the Symposium format, registration and submission info please follow the link below.