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28 February 2015

Dark Clouds over the Sunshine Paradise : Tourism & human Rights in Sri Lanka

Author: Society for Threatened People

Research focuses on the three regions of Kuchchaveli, Passikudah and Kalpitiya. In all three regions the government’s minimal de- velopment standards have scarcely been observed. Environmental and social impact assessments take place only sporadical...

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20 January 2015
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Author: Deutschlandradio Kultur, Caspar Dohmen

"Holpriger Start eines globalen Bündnisses", Deutschlandradio Kultur, Caspar Dohmen, 20. Januar 2015...

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10 June 2014

Trafficked into slavery on Thai trawlers to catch food for prawns

Author: Kate Hodal & Chris Kelly, Guardian

The Thai fishing industry is built on slavery, with men often beaten, tortured and sometimes killed - all to catch 'trash fish' to feed the cheap farmed prawns sold in the west…[M]any Thai officials not only turn a blind eye to abuse…they are often...

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15 January 2014

Wal-Mart signs deal with farmworker program that fights harassment [USA]

Author: Bernice Yeung, Centre for Investigative Reporting (USA)

One of the most effective programs to curb sexual harassment and assault in the agriculture fields expands today with the inking of a national contract with Wal-Mart…Under the Fair Food Program, restaurant chains and grocery stores agree to pay a penny...

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18 October 2013

Bangladesh safety accord welcomes 100 brand milestone [Bangladesh]

Author: IndustriAll

Woolworths Australia, GEBRA, Wünsche Group of Germany, became the latest brands to sign the Accord, which aims to make the garment industry safe and sustainable for years to come...The signatory brands have committed to making the changes garment...

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18 October 2013

ILO and Bangladesh Govt. launch major 3.5-year initiative to improve working conditions and safety in garment factories

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16 May 2013
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Author: Peuples solidaires & Collectif Ethique sur l’étiquette (France)

Les marques leaders de l’habillement dans le monde s’engagent à mettre en œuvre l’Accord sur les incendies et la sécurité des bâtiments au Bangladesh avant la date butoir fixée à minuit le 15 mai. L’Accord s’applique désormais à plus de 1000 usines d...

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15 May 2013

Walmart refuses to join worker safety deal [Bangladesh]

Author: Simon Neville, Guardian [UK]

Walmart has confirmed it will not sign up to a legally binding agreement on worker safety and building regulations in Bangladesh…[T]he…retail giant has created its own agreement, which it claims goes beyond the current accord…The company…said the deal...

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30 April 2013

[PDF] The Catastrophe of Bangladesh - An emblematic case of global capitalism

Author: Alejandro Teitelbaum, Jus Semper Global Alliance

In this brief…[Alejandro Teitelbaum, former Permanent Representative to the UN for the American Association of Jurists]…analyses the catastrophe that occurred in Bangladesh in a building where more than 3000 people worked and where almost a third died....

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22 November 2011

Retail and food industry improving palm oil sourcing, says WWF

Author: Hanna Gersmann, Guardian [UK]

Environmentalists regard unsustainable palm oil production as a danger not only for orang-utans, elephants, tigers and rhinos in Asia, but also to the climate of the planet as enormous amounts of carbon dioxide are released when forests or peat lands...

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