Alejandra Ancheita receives Martín Ennals Award for human rights defenders

Alejandra Ancheita receives the Martín Ennals 2014 Award in recognition of her work defending the human rights of migrants, workers and indigenous communities in Mexico.

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7 October 2014

Alejandra Ancheita claims 2014 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders

Author: Amnesty International

Alejandra Ancheita has been selected by the International Human Rights Community as the 2014 Martin Ennals Award Laureate…The Award is given to Human Rights Defenders who have shown deep commitment and face great personal risk. The aim of the award is to provide protection through international recognition…Alejandra Ancheita (Mexico), Founder and Executive Director of ProDESC. For over 15 years she has worked with migrants, workers and indigenous communities to protect their land and labour rights vis a vis transnational mining and energy companies. These disputes have included violent attacks on those she is trying to protect. She is also one of the pioneers in seeking accountability for transnational companies in Mexican courts when local communities’ rights are not taken into account…

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7 October 2014

Alejandra Ancheita Film Portrait - Martin Ennals Award Laureate 2014

Author: Martin Ennals Award

...An element of injustice in a country like Mexico is that there is only a group of very priveleged people who want to maintain this structure based on the discrimination and exclusion of the majority and the privilege of just a few. That injustice for me, has been an engine that has driven me to try to create conditions to eventually break these structures of inequality and exclusion...I decided to found ProDESC, and it's main goal is to protect and promote economic, social and cultural rights, rights of indigenous communities and communal farmers here in Mexico...It is very hard to explain outside Mexico what is happening in the country. We're in the middle of a structural crisis of violence against indigenous communities and towards human rights defenders...

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