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14 November 2019

The African Development Bank to focus on renewable energy & and will not fund coal projects incl. proposed Kenya coal plant

Author: Egiron Ochieng, Kenya Business Feed

"African Development Bank "Runs Away" from Controversial Kenya Coal Project"...

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17 July 2019

Kenya: How advocacy groups successfully campaigned against the construction of proposed Amu Power's coal-fired plant

Author: Rasna Warah, The Elephant (Kenya)

"Saving Lamu: How a Campaign for Environmental Justice Was Fought"...

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8 July 2019

Kenya: Tribunal cancels AMU Power's coal plant license over public participation & climate change impact

The National Environment Tribunal  has cancelled AMU Power's proposed coal plant's environmental impact assessment licence issues by the National Environment Management Authority for omitting engineering plans and details of the plant from public...

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2 July 2019

China exports coal-related equipment and technology to foreign countries while turning to renewable energy domestically, critic says

Author: Dana Ullman, Foreign Policy

“When Coal Comes to Paradise”, 9 June 2019...

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27 June 2019

Kenya: Tribunal cancels proposed coal power project licence, says project ignored public participation & climate change legislation

Author: Abiud Ochieng, Daily Nation (Kenya)

"Tribunal cancels Lamu coal power project licence"...

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17 June 2019
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Author: Dana Ullman, 外交政策(美国)


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17 January 2019

Kenya: How land rights & environmental concerns are slowing completion of energy projects

Author: Amenya Ochieng, Kenya News Agency

"The ‘Pains And Gains’ Of Lamu’s Mega Projects"...

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18 December 2018

Kenya: Human rights defenders supporting communities impacted by infrastructure projects harassed

A report by Human Rights Watch and National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders -Kenya says the Kenya police and military are harassing and intimidating environmental rights activists in Lamu county, coast region. This harassment is linked to their...

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4 June 2018

Kenya: Columnist says energy generation projects slowed down by conflicts over land rights & environmental concerns

Author: Brian Wasuna, The Star (Kenya)

"Land battles, tender wars and cost secrets: Did Kenya bite off too much with energy projects?"...

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Company response
17 April 2018

Amu Power's response

Author: Amu Power

"Lamu coal-fired plant will accelerate local and regional growth while conserving the environment and driving socio-economic impact"...

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