An NGO calls for the protection of human rights defenders to be emphasized in a binding treaty on business and human rights

Author: Kim-Mai Vu, Peace Brigades International Switzerland, Published on: 2 April 2018

"Oral Intervention of Peace Brigades International Switzerland" 9 March 2018

Human rights defenders in the field of business and human rights face a growing number of attacks from both States and non-State actors, such as stigmatization, criminalization, physical attacks and sometimes death. The work of human rights defenders is crucial to achieving justice for victims, combating corruption, respecting indigenous cultures and rights, and achieving sustainable and positive changes. PBI reiterates the importance of the participation of civil society and human rights defenders as crucial to the success of the process...
For all the above, we consider it essential that provisions for the prevention of attacks against human rights defenders, communities and organizations of affected population be included as a fundamental element throughout the instrument. The future instrument should emphasize the obligation of States in relation to meaningful participation and protection of human rights defenders, communities and organizations working in the context of business and human rights.

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