An uneasy relationship: human rights charities and business

Author: Will Henley, Guardian (UK), Published on: 8 August 2013

Human rights charities and sustainable businesses are often working towards the same goal, but partnerships between the two remain controversial...A company grappling with...human rights issues and rules partners with an advocacy group, perhaps for expert policy advice a joint campaign. In return, the non-profit organisation...receives financial compensation... On the face of it, the arrangement – fully disclosed – makes a lot of sense. Yet such partnerships...are far from common...Peter Frankental, economic relations programme director for Amnesty International UK, sees little room for partnerships... "...[Many companies] have approached us – wanting to co-brand and to develop joint campaigns...particularly on issues affecting their business," says Frankental. But Amnesty is "very wary", fearing that a firm may use it as a "fig leaf"...Not all...are so reluctant...The Human Rights Campaign lobbies for the LGBT community and...[rates] companies... It counts American Airlines, CitiGroup, Microsoft, Diageo, Bank of America, Chevron, Coca-Cola and Deloitte among its [large donors]... [C]harities dealing with refugee or labour rights...often have a harder time attracting corporate donors. [also refers to Co-operative Bank (part of Co-operative Group), Dell, Booz Allen]

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