Analysis finds Disney World employees are often subject to violence from visitors, including spitting and scratching; Includes comments from Disney

Author: Vanita Salisbury, New York Post, Published on: 25 September 2019

"Working at Disney World can be an abusive nightmare", 23 September 2019

Disney World employees...have reported being yelled at, pushed, hit, scratched and even spat on by visitors, according to the Orlando Sentinel, which analyzed reports of several incidents...

...Confusion with FastPasses, impatience with waiting in lines and just being told “no” are the top-ranking causes of ire toward workers at Disney World, reports the Sentinel’s Gabrielle Russon, who reviewed nearly 50 employee complaints filed over the past decade at the theme park. Nine of the incidents occurred in 2019...

...Disney says it is up to the employee whether to press charges. The company also acknowledges that many employees don’t report incidents. As for what the cast members can do to avoid such conflicts, Disney told the Sentinel that new hires must undergo safety training. Employees also carry a two-way radio or a phone to call for help. Disney security and deputy sheriffs also patrol the grounds.

The company also told the Sentinel they have a wellness assistance program that provides five free mental health visits with a counselor.

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