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Responding department: Government Relations

Stock exchange symbol: (AAL:LN)

Does your company have a publicly available commitment to respect human rights?

Yes, Human Rights Policy: [link]

See also the Anglo American Social Way, and Sustainable Development in the Supply Chain policies available at: [link]

How are human rights governed in your company?

Lead responsibility for human rights is with government and social affairs (from a policy and impact management perspective), while accountability is with the Group CEO and business unit CEOs.

Board oversight: Group CEO and business unit CEOs, as well as Board Sustainability Committee (via environmental, safety and social issues).

Human rights considerations are embedded in company values and business principles; integrated in management processes and procedures.

Anglo American's social license to operate depends on good human rights performance considering most impact areas are now within the human rights sphere.  Our strategic aspiration is to be partners in the future with our host countries/communities.  

How are human rights managed within your company?

Human rights are built into our business principles and from that trigger down into relevant policies and procedures.  All sites have mandatory complaints and grievance mechanisms (see section 4a of our Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox: [link])

- Dedicated training in salient risk areas, e.g. as under the Voluntary Principles for Security and Human Rights.

What is the company’s approach to the engagement of stakeholders (including workers, and local communities impacted by the company’s activities), on human rights issues?

Our approach to stakeholder engagement, from broader to narrower, is defined by the Business Principles; Anglo Social Way; and Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox.

How are human rights commitments and information about how the company addresses its human rights impacts communicated, internally and externally?

Communication channels include:

  • Sustainable Development Report (following GRI G4 guidelines)
  • UN Global Compact Communication on Progress
  • Annual Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights report
  • Various reporting requests from DJSI, FTSE4Good and other SRI analysts
  • Intranet
  • Public website (Human Rights Policy, Anglo American Social Way and other relevant policies)

100% response rate to Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Participation in numerous external panels as well as bringing external experts into internal meetings (at various levels: from brown bag lunches at working level to Board Committee meetings; internal working groups on relevant topics eg security and human rights)

We have also participated in consulations for the UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework

What provisions does your company have in place to ensure that grievances from workers and affected communities or individuals are heard, and can you provide examples of remedies provided?

See 4a of the Anglo American Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox: [link]

Anglo American SpeakUp

Ex-post evaluations of resettlements

Remediation: For example evaluation of Mogalakwena resettlement and subsequent management actions: [link]

Which external and collaborative human rights initiatives does your company participate in, and what is the nature of your involvement?

These include:

  • UN Global Compact, both at local network level in many countries of operations and at global level (incl Labour and Human Rights Working Group)
  • Voluntary Principles for Security and Human Rights
  • ICMM Sustainable Development Principles
  • MoU with International Alert
  • Shift’s Business Learning Program

Which are the key one, two or three elements of your approach to human rights that been developed or amended since June 2011? Please indicate if these actions were in response to the UN Guiding Principles.

Developed a stand-alone Human Rights policy; inclusion of human rights due diligence in Anglo American Social Way. These were partly in response to, and were certainly informed by, the UN Guiding Principles

What are some of the obstacles and challenges that your company encounters in implementing its human rights commitments?

Challenges include:

  • Best possible integration of human rights due diligence in existing risk identification, prioritization, escalation and management processes
  • Resources (human and financial)
  • Awareness-raising in technical disciplines
  • Defining KPIs for performance tracking