Annual Report 2015/16

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre works with a global network of NGOs and companies to advance human rights in business, promote corporate accountability and help eradicate abuse. Our Annual Report for the year 2015/16 documents various projects and activities we worked on and highlights notable milestones and achievements.

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In the year 2015/16, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre:

  • Laid the groundwork for the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark, an ambitious ranking of 500 companies on their human rights policies, processes and practices; 
  • Began collating companies' UK Modern Slavery Act statements in a free, searchable and dynamic database, to drive transparency and accountability;
  • Started developing a platform on Migrant Workers in the Gulf Construction industry, exploring company approaches to worker welfare and employment conditions;
  • Created an interactive Business Action Platform providing updates on the latest advances (and failures) of companies on human rights issues;
  • Introduced a new documentation "checklist", developed in partnership with International Network for Economic, Social & Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net), to local groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America;
  • Conducted seven research missions to engage with civil society, business and other key local stakeholders in Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Guatemala, Malaysia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe;
  • Improved our Corporate Legal Accountability programme, making cases available in more languages and starting a blog series to highlight how lawyers are pursuing new avenues to secure remedy and justice when companies avoid accountability.